About us

We are not a typical garden club. All our meetings are in the evenings or on weekends and we keep our dues low ($20/year).  We have a diverse membership that includes community activists, horticulturists (professional and amateur), environmentalists, artists, and others.  Group initiatives are driven by individual members stepping into leadership roles.  Business meetings are held monthly, separate from MCG programs and workshops, and are open to any members who wish to help the officers and committee chairs set plans and policies.

Since we first met in the living room at 10 Maple Street, we’ve planted little spots of beauty around our downtown (supported by the proceeds of our annual plant sale). We’ve sponsored many interesting speakers, workshops, and activities. And we’ve offered area gardeners an opportunity to meet one another and work together on group projects, trade plants and information, and enjoy each others’ gardens.

Feel free to download a copy of our brochure.