Maplebrook Park

Maplebrook Park is a little oasis of green and peace near downtown Maynard, right at the intersection of Maple, Brook, and Summer Streets. It is lovingly maintained by a small group of MCG members.

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The Creation of Maplebrook Park

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By Jean D’Amico

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Compiled from interviews with Tresa Jones, Felicia Reynolds and others.

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Maplebrook Park sits on land that was originally part of a railway bed. In 1992, the lot was a blighted, weed-filled area that was slated to become a paved parking lot for the expanding Maynard Mall. A group of 35 concerned citizens attended a Planning Board meeting to protest this proposed use. The board asked for other proposals and Tresa Jones and Diane Russo, residents of Maple Street, said to each other, “We can make a garden.” So they brought a proposal to the Planning Board for the installation of Maplebrook Park. At the next town meeting, the proposal for the garden was unanimously approved by the citizens of Maynard along with an allocation of $2000.

The garden was designed to be low maintenance. When it was installed, landscape cloth was first put down to cover and kill all the existing weeds, which were the predominant plants at the time. The fabric has since been removed. The garden was initially planted with donations of blue rug junipers, baby lilacs, a dwarf flowering crabapple tree, a Japanese maple, daylilies, many perennials and edging stone.

After the establishment of Maplebrook Park, many a neighborhood celebratory party was held on the back porch of 10 Maple Street, then the home of Tresa & Craig Jones.  Tresa says, “We celebrated changing our corner of the universe. The installation of the garden brought the neighborhood together.” Tresa hoped that Maplebrook Park would be an “incentive for others to look around their own neighborhoods and see what could be done.”

The original group who installed Maplebrook Park included Tresa & Craig Jones, Lauren Tetreault, Russ Levine, Karen & Patrick Dunn, Diane & John Russo, Felicia Reynolds, Jack Whelan, Bobbie Statkus and many others.

Notable Donations to the Garden:

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  • The dwarf flowering crabapple was donated by the Dunns when their daughter Bridget was born.
  • One of the Japanese maples was a gift from Jack Whelan who also helped procure all the plants.
  • The newest Japanese maple was donated by friends of Jean D’Amico and David Mark in memory of their son, Daniel Mark.
  • The Junipers around the sitting stones were donated by Felicia Reynolds when her grandmother died.
  • The daylilies were given by Dave Salmi, the daylily man of Maynard.
  • Many plants came from the gardens of Tresa Jones and others.
  • Other trees, shrubs, and bulbs were purchased with $2,000 granted from town’s Transfer of Real Estate Account (set aside for park purposes and not funded by tax money).
  • The DPW courtesy of Walter Sokolowski, did the heavy lifting and put in the water supply.
  • The town donated the big sitting blocks of stone, along with gravel and mulch.


Click here to read contemporary press coverage of the creation of Maplebrook Park (PDF file, 4 MB)

Click here to see other documents related to the creation of the park (PDF file, 1.5 MB)

Since 1995, this garden has been the flagship community project of the Maynard Community Gardeners. The garden has thrived thanks to the maintenance work of many members. Help with the garden is always welcome. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to donate or help with maintenance.